life drawing

March 16, 2011

during the midnight hours, a friend called over. we ended up doing a painting together..

“welcome to the secret garden”

[acrylic & marker on A3 canvas. 16/03/2011. painted with the gorgeous natasha moorhouse]

this morning, i posted it on my facebook. i was surprised by the volume of positive reactions,  but it was the first comment that really got me

“mate you are literaly like my favourite artist why arent you doing this for a living?”

cos thats just it.. no, i dont make any money from painting, but i am doing this to live. i have long held the belief that my art will save me


2 Responses to “life drawing”

  1. Starfox Says:

    Ah, there you are. Welcome to the world of WP!
    And yeah it’s true, art’s brought me back to relative sanity over the past few years since I started drawing again. Don’t see why we can’t let it help keep a roof over our heads while we do it though 🙂

  2. indeed! i’ve done acouple of pieces recently that were originally just for the portfolio, but are getting me some decent feedback and exposure. so u never know – where these things could go??
    but in the meantime im just trying to paint as much as possible – real painting not pixels! ive started 8 canvas’ this month alone! ❤

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